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                Company Profile
                Shanghai Jiabao Trade & Development Co., Ltd., with registered capital of twenty nine million RMB Yuan (RMB29,000,000 Yuan), is a solely-funded enterprise of Shanghai Jiabao Industry & Commerce (Group) Co., Ltd. (stock code: 600622). This Company owns the self-support import-export authority approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Corporation of the People’s Republic of China; specially deals with
                electric appliances for lighting, chemical raw materials, costume and wearing apparel, leather products, hardware and machinery, articles for daily use, photography and printing equipment, furniture, toys, and medical instruments, etc.; and could earn foreign currency of nearly USD60 million Yuan through self-support export of goods annually. Clinging onto the historical opportunity that Shanghai will be constructed into an international center for economy, trade, finance, and shipping in the 21st century, the Company has actively made use of the modern marketing management policies and sufficiently mobilized various resources to develop the domestic and overseas markets, and its businesses have extended to scores of countries and regions in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Middle East, etc.

                TEL:021-62548768 FAX:021-62546931  Address:18F , ZhongYi Building, No.1040 Cao Yang Road

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